The Moon – Planets In Our Solar System

Supermoon and it’s wow effects!

The Moon - Planets In Our Solar SystemThe Moon is a natural satellite which circles the planet Earth, it is one of the largest satellites in our solar system. We are all familiar with this term “Moon”. It comes at night when the sun sets off and there are black spots on it which are considered as the craters. Few astronauts have travelled there and have made their mark on the land and made history. But, have you heard about Supermoon? Seeing a Supermoon is really an amazing experience and it’s actually a new or full moon which comes close to Earth and is around 14% bigger than the Micromoon. It is also called Perigee.

Details of Moon Orbit

Considering it’s orbit or path, it is elliptical and not in a circle. The elliptical orbit means that one portion is slightly close to the planet Earth. The orbit which is close is named as Perigee and Apogee is the name of the far away orbit. One cannot determine the distance of Earth and Moon and it completely varies in a year or in a month. 382,900 kilometres or 238,000 miles is considered as the average distance between them. The brightness of Supermoon is 30% more and it happens when a Full Moon and Earth coincides with each other. Now, Micromoon is that part when it is referred as Apogee and far from Earth. One can consider it as also Minimoon.

How the name Supermoon evolved

TThe Moon -Richard Nolle astrologer - Planets In Our Solar SystemIn the year 1979, Richard Nolle, an astrologer first named it as Supermoon and that’s why it is not an astronomical term. Till date, there is no reference to the distance which can actually qualify the term Supermoon. As per one’s definition, when it is not more than 360,000 kilometres from Earth then it is called Supermoon and when it is 400,000 kilometres away from our planet Earth, then it is called Micromoon.

There is a technical name for Earth-Moon-Sun system which is called Perigee-syzygy where syzygy means straight-line based on 3 celestial bodies. Near the horizon, full moon looks brighter and bigger than the usual one and later looks higher in the sky. After or before Super Full Moon, the moon looks bigger and even brighter. During winter months, it looks large because the gravity of the Sun pulls it towards Earth and make it look bigger. After a moonrise, you can enjoy the view of Super Full Moon and at this time it is below the horizon.

Nature and Supermoon

Tide occurs due to the pull of gravitation and that is why it causes ebbs which are small in size and cause Earth and Land tides. Mainly it occurs during the time of the new and full moon. The alignment of Sun and Moon cause tectonic activity and research does not find any clue on “Supermoon cause natural disaster”. As per Nasa, Supermoon does not hamper the balance of Earth and this effect is very small to create any havoc inside the planet Earth. Nasa is in continuous research based on the concept of Moon, Sun, Earth orbit and the effects of Supermoon or Micromoon.

So, next Supermoon is on November 14, 2016. Witness this amazing view with your own eyes!

The Sun – Planets In Our Solar System

The Sun - Planets In Our Solar SystemSun and its hidden facts

The Sun is considered the main star which gives vital energy to our planet Earth and to the Solar System. It is comprised of Hydrogen of 70% and Helium of 28% and remaining 2% is metal. The rotation of sun differs in the equator region and in the polar region like for example- at equator surface, it takes 25.4 days to rotate while it takes 36 days near the polar surface.  This difference takes place because unlike Earth, it is a gas body and that’s why to it rotate in such manner. The temperature comprises of 15.6 million in Kelvin. Compare to water, core centre of its density is 150 times more.

Sun and its Power

Sun and its power are of 386 billion Mega Watt and it is produced with the help of reaction of nuclear fusion. In every second, Hydrogen of 700,000,000 tonnes converted into Helium of 695,000,000 tonnes. The energy of 5,000,000 tonnes is converted into gamma rays. The energy gets absorbed because of its outward movement across the surface area and discharge temperature at a low rate and till it reaches the surface it becomes a visible light. 20% path of the surface is moved not with radiation but with convection.

Story behind Solar Eclipse

The Sun - Solar EclipsePhotosphere is the surface of Sun and it has a temperature of 5800 K.  The Sunspots are large and has a diameter of 50,000 km and they are a very cool region as to be considered. These Sunspots are formed due to the magnetic field interaction of the magnificently bright star.

Above Photosphere lies chromosphere and Corona lies above chromosphere and it is highly spread in space, but during solar eclipse (total) Corona is visible. 1,000,000 K is the total temperature of Corona. From Earth, Moon and Sun it appears to be the same size. Moon generally rotate around Earth and Earth rotate around Sun and both orbits are in the same plane. Sometimes, Moon comes in between Earth and Sun and cause Total Solar Eclipse and when Moon rotates slightly imperfect then it is Partial Solar Eclipse. During the daytime, it becomes almost dark at the time solar eclipse and it is amazing because you can see stars in the sky and birds and animals think it is night time. It is simply incredible.

Sun as Energy Booster

Sun also leaves solar wind of low density of about 450 km in per second. This solar wind offers the highest form of energy and it has a strong effect on our Planet Earth. Solar wind composition is different in the different polar region.

  • Diameter: 1,390,000 km
  • Mass: 1.989e30 kg

This star is a source of energy and gives us light so to survive on this beautiful planet. It has both visible light and ultraviolet light and both has a strong impact in our life. Visible light of this star has vitamin D which is good for human health while ultraviolet rays cause skin cancer and other serious diseases. The age of Sun is 4.5 billion and it used only ½ quantity hydrogen, but one day the hydrogen fuel of Sun will end and this will cause Earth’s destruction.