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Click on the images or the links and you will access to the featured product is in the Planets In Our Solar System SHOP. There you will be presented with books (which incidentally have the same name as our website, how about that) which you can purchase. On that note, we would like to point out that any purchase that you make on the featured books may make a small commission, which helps us out immensely.  We thought that it would be nice to put this website together to help educate people about our solar system and to be to buy products via the SHOP.

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For your peace of mind, you can rest assured that any purchase from the SHOP is 100% Amazon safe, so you can feel free to shop in confidence from the comfort of your home or from the luxury of your workplace.  As previously mentioned, the products are hardcover/paperback books, there are also DVDs etc and you can take the opportunity to buy whatever else you like from the SHOP.

If you have not done so already, you can browse the rest of the website, there you will find lots of great educational information on the main planets in our solar system, like the planets from Mercury to Pluto and also information about some of the dwarf plants which make a good informative read for all the family.

Do keep an eye out for our Free Downloads page where you can get your copy of my free Planet In Our Solar System e-book and free Calendar 2017 pdf absolutely Free ( you may need WinRar or Winzip7 to unzip them)  The e-book is packed with information about the planet and it gives you a breakdown of each planet’s properties.

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