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Hello, My Name is Gilroy, and I invite you to have a read of our about us page and to look around my website Planets in our solar system.  This website gives and overall views regarding the planets in a way I hope you would enjoy reading about.

About Us | The Solar System - Planets In Our Solar System

As my children were growing up, for fun as parents my wife and I taught our children about the planets, which order that they go in starting with the first planet closest to the Sun and so on, that is one reason why I put about us page together from an idea I had to give adults and children more insight about our solar system, like our home planet, Planet Earth

I am no authority and do no claim to have any certification on space and the solar system matters, however, I have done some research to bring you a good insight about space and the planets in our Solar System.  As you navigate the website you will find a breakdown of all the planets, giving you some facts which easily understandable.

You will find some graphical images and videos that will help you get a better understanding of the planets in our solar system.

(Credit: Nasa) – ISS Live feed and recorded playback of Planet Earth from Space.

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(Credit: English Singsing)

Thank you.